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FRISCO is a private Observatory involved in the field of research in supernovae and cometary objects.

Associazione Astrofili Rignanesi


Associazione Astrofili Rignanesi

Welcome to our own roll-of roof backyard observatory!

The FRISCO Observatory is located on a private property terrace in Rignano sull'Arno, a little village near Florence -Italy- and is owned by Mauro and Lorenzo Focardi. Their chief interests and activities are in the sector of supernovae and cometary objects search and observation.

They like technology and instrumentation for Astrophysics, CCD and CMOS sensors and relative readout electronics, but they are also interested in photograph the sky in all its aspects.

The observatory houses a Meade LX200 12" schmidt-cassegrain telescope and can be remotely controlled from Mauro's house. It received its first light on October 1997. In principle the observatory housed a Celestron 8" schmidt-cassegrain telescope, but Mauro's and Lorenzo efforts fusion as brought to the new large telescope.

In this website you'll find any information about theyr past and present activities, their hobbies and more...
For any question, curiosity or further informations you have to contact M&L at the following address:

FRISCO –Focardi's Research In Supernovae and Cometary Objects- Observatory

via XX Settembre 18 

50067 - Rignano sull'Arno (Italia)


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